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Privacy Policy

The company operates on the foundation of gathering information from our clients and utilising them to make the whole process convenient and secured. However, it is necessary to understand that our privacy policies might change during the course of time, but all the latest changes would be available every time a client visits us at our website. Have a look at them.

Acquiring Personal Information

t is the part of our policy that we shall gather the personal information of the person placing the order. You would have to provide your name, email, contact number in order to gain our services.

Protection of Information

We believe in transparency and work ethics and protecting your personal information from getting leaked would be our number one priority. Moreover, we strongly follow the Data Protection & Companies Act Policy, which provides blanket security.

Gathering Relevant Data

It is important for our clients to inform and direct us about every little detail that is the part of their assignment. Gathering relevant data and outline of the task help our editing and proofreading team to work as per the requirements. Once you give us an insight that what exactly you want from us, we shall supply you the knowledge of expertise, methods of research and lucrative offers to compel you in assigning us your work. If the package is according to your demands, then we can work together, if not, then all the data you have provided would be deleted with evidence, and your data would not be used by any of our members.

Visitor’s Tracking

We track the location of our visitors through their IP address as it gets easier for us to cater the demands according to the educational requirements of the region.

Utilising Information

The information you provide would solely be used in making your assignment better. No other company or student would be benefited with the data you have provided.

Confirmation of Personal Information

The clients would have to go through a series of questions to get a replica slip of their personal information from our legal department. The reason why we do this is to ensure and confirm the identity of individuals.

Promotional Offers

Information related to our products and services can be viewed on our website. Additionally, the details regarding our promotional offers and discounts will be relayed to our customer through an email or a text on their phone number.

Contact Us

For more information regarding our services, feel free to contact our customer service representatives through live-chat. You can also email us at , or simply give us a call on .


Professional Tutor Service is an academic writing service that provides assistance to students. However, the assistance provided by us cannot be submitted by customers as their own work under any circumstances.

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